What if….


  • you could save time,

  • reach more people for your event, local cause or business

  • as a community be better together?


Our free online calendar at ShuswapEvent.com makes it easy for people to find fun things to do, by putting the info in the palm of their hand on mobile devices. Now thousands of people are gathering here and on our social media networks.

Through this growing audience, we help events, causes and businesses to effectively reach people with videos, social media campaigns, websites, booking events, advertising strategies, and other creative solutions.

We believe that working together online inspires real world connections, so that we can all be better together! Our creative team invites you to come join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube and bookmark ShuswapEvent.com.


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We are a free online calendar of local events and social media networks, with a mission of connecting people, businesses, organizations and events.

~The Shuswap Event Team