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About Us

“We are a free online calendar of local events and social media networks, with a mission of connecting people, businesses, organizations and events.”

 ~The Shuswap Event Team

We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful community, which has so much to offer.  From nature, to music, to sports and the arts–there is always something happening.  However, pinpointing when and where can be a bit of a wild goose hunt. So, a few local friends decided to do something about it.

We believe that improving communication between organizations and the community will improve attendance, the success of events and pave the way for future events–contributing to a healthy and vivacious cultural landscape for our community.

We hope you will enjoy exploring all that the Shuswap has to offer, and that your experience on our site will allow you to do this with ease.  If you found this resource valuable, we invite you to consider buying us a cup of coffee or two by donating using an electronic fund transfer to Thank you!

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Contact Us

Roxy Roth – 250-515-2966

Spencer Keating – 250-804-8545


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